Congressman Lummis Speaks about National Debt

Congressman Cynthia Lummis spoke to local businesses here in Casper. 

Lummis attended a luncheon today with Lions Club members discussing recent issues about the nations debt and ways to solve the growing problem. 

Congressman Lummis recently joined both parties straining issues about the nations now, almost $15 trillion debt. 

She prefers to "reduce debt, without raising taxes." 

And while that's ideal, it probably can't be done in the real world. 

Today is the official day the National debt exceeds the entire GDP, causing more future problems for Americans. 

And businesses here in Wyoming are feeling the strains of the National debt. 

She is one congress member that signed the letter to the super committee asking to consider both spending cuts and higher revenue. 

And there is tremendous amount of stress in Washington right now as the deadline of November 23rd approaches. 

If the super committee misses the deadline to find a deficit plan, a series of automatic cuts will kick in, in 2013.