Warner's Jump Off

"I again just try to have a clear mind. I just think lead and up," she said.

4x All State Track and Field Athlete, Anissa Warner imagined winning 3 state medals this year.

"It means the world to me. I've been working since I was a freshman. It was my dream and it's here. It's real," Warner said.

She jumps, just like her Mom. Chris Warner ranks 6th in the top 10 for the University of Wyoming High jump with a 5' 7 mark. At States Anissa had a chance to beat her Mom.

"We decided it's day three, I don't have a lot of legs left." Warner said. so we were just going to go for it all."

"Everything, my stomachs upset, the heart's racing. Then when she almost does it, that's it right there," Chris Warner said. Her daughter said, "I didn't get it."

Although Anissa didn't make it over the bar, the family affair still went up a notch.

"We would always fight about who was better. Then he cleared 5'10" last week, so my mom finally got beat, so that was exciting for me." Warner said.

"Her little brother since has out jumped both of us, so he's kind of got some bragging rights now and we will see what she does in college."

Anissa signed her Letter of Intent for Wyoming next year. She's bummed her Mom can't come too.

"My mom and I, when I was in middle school we did not get along very well. Then through the past couple years, it's just kind of blossomed," Warner said. "I'm actually really sad to leave her, like I want her to come be my roommate."

"She's my best friend. She is an amazing girl. I couldn't ask for anymore," her mom said.

From Mother to Daughter, her lasting advice.

"She said fly high baby girl, you got it."

Reporting in Casper, Megan Salle K2 Sports