CNFR Champions On The Road

"People are like, 'you go for four hours down the road like man that's so far', and we're like, man that's just a brush off the shoulder."

The life of a rodeo cowboy is a life largely spent on the road leading to a place like the Casper Events Center. From the Cowboy State to Tennessee, riders like Wyatt Denny, pack up the truck and head on out.

"We got the TV in there, got it hooked up and it's just part of the job, getting on the road and getting where you gotta go, you gotta get there somewhere. It's not as bad as everybody thinks it is."

But Denny doesn't drive alone, he has a travel partner and a fellow bareback competitor in his Feather River College friend, Clayton Biglow.

"It's awesome having that traveling partner that is going down the road with ya and keeping your energy up to par. Our goal throughout the whole year at every pro rodeo we've been to is to leave there 1 and 2 and to do that here would be awesome, especially for the team."

Just because they compete with each other though, doesn't mean the car rides are competitive, awkward or quiet.

"You're not battling much with each other but our styles are alike and we really get each other excited so it's really fun going down the road with Clayton and we like to have fun going down the road too so it keeps it interesting, you're not getting burned out on the road and likes to have fun."

And when you win like Denny and Biglow do, the drives get easier. The tandem went 1-2 at CNFR, leading Feather River to their first ever men's team title. And right after the event, Denny and Biglow were right back on the road once again."