K2 Athlete of the Month: Lulu Rochelle

Lulu Rochelle was brought to the United States in 1999, the same year the US Women Beat China in the World Cup.

"I do know I was adopted twice. The first time I was adopted they thought that I was deaf, so I guess they returned me. Then I was adopted by my current mom here in Wyoming, so the rest is history." Lulu Rochelle said.

As she grew up in Wyoming, her mother made her try just about everything.

"Just like gymnastics and theater and instruments. I had to play the violin, which I didn't really pick up on any of those."

"Lulu has tried to be an artist, tried to be an actress," Ann Rochelle said.

There was one hobby, that was always it. "Soccer was just a sport I fell in love with from the beginning," Lulu said.

The goal was to find something she loved, but it helped her off the field too.

"Soccer has made me a lot more social. I've made great friendships here," Lulu said.

In 2008 Lulu went back to see the culture and she felt at home there. It was her mother receiving the funny looks.

"They didn't think that we were foreigners coming into their country. We are Chinese, so it was fun. We always walked with my mom, so then they all stared at her because she is Caucasian."

"My family is complete when I went over to China and brought by Lu...It's just the perfect family," Ann said.

"She's given me a lot of opportunities that I probably wouldn't have had over in China," Lulu said.

A life in America playing a sport she loves, Lulu is our k2's athlete of the month. Reporting in Casper, Megan Salle, K2 Sports