Wyoming Cowboy & His Comeback

Kelly Timberman was once an NFR Champ and Wyoming Sports Hall of Fame Athlete of the Year. He's dealt with his fair share of trouble over the years. After four years of being away from rodeo, he's back in the sport a changed man.

"It was a humbling experience to stay home. I had such a prolific career that I took advantage of it," Timberman said. "I didn't stay at the top peak level that I should have and did a disservice to myself, but also to my friends and family and fans who followed me in wyoming especially."

His reason for leaving the sports...well that's fairly simple. 

"I took time off for the best reason in the world. I took time off to be a dad. My daughter moved in with me at the end of 2011. I retired at the end of that year," Timberman said. "I pretty much retired from 2012 until she got into college and I decided I had some unfinished business left and one of them was to come and win Cheyenne." 

So now with his daughter in school, Timberman is back in the game. In his words, "doing, not trying" to get to the top once again. His 156 and 5 over two was just enough to make the short go on sunday. He's looking to complete the comeback in his home state of Wyoming. Reporting from Cheyenne, Andrew Haubner, K2 Sports.