The Finnerty Family Affair

The Cheyenne Frontier Days brought together cowboys and cowgirls from all corners of the professional rodeo world. But to some competitors in the PRCA Rodeo is family affair. Our own Megan Salle has the story.

"It's a lifestyle. It's just like jumping out of an airplane or anything else...It's a pretty neat adrenaline rush," Dean Finnerty said.

Wheatland cowboy Dean Finnerty completed in his 28th Cheyenne Frontier Days this year.

"The cattle have always been big here, so that makes a pretty big draw on it," Finnerty said. " You have a 30 foot score that's always been here, that's really cool because once you see those cattle out there you run them down, through them down. It makes a bull dogging out of it."

Finnerty's 19-year-old son Teigen watched his Dad, the average winner at the circuit finals in 1999, rodeo with some of the best at a young age.

"I think that's what helped me be a better roper or bulldogger. Whichever event it is It helped me watch the best, which shape how I rope," Teigen said.

Then 10 time Circuit Finals Qualifier and The national top 5 steer wrestler even practice together.

Do you ever go one on one with your Dad?

"We do. When we have practice we have matches ever now and again," Teigen said.

"I'm up for it anytime, it's fun. I love that competitiveness. If I didn't think I could beat him, I still wouldn't be entering. It's really enjoyable," Dean said. "We feed off each other just like in the practice pen."

The Finnerty cowboys rode of the boxes together during the Cody Stampede Rodeo in early July.

"It's pretty neat, we got up there and shoot, we didn't have any luck. It's just fun to watch him and every year, every day getting better and better out there," Dean said.

"Didn't do very good, but it was a ton of fun for my first year and be able to do it with my Dad," Teigen said.

At 50-years-old, Dean has too much fun to retire especially with Teigen riding beside him

"People ask me when I'm going to stop and I hope I don't have to. It's something I really enjoy doing," Dean said. "I'm lucky enough to get to do it with my kids, It's something a lot of people don't get to do."

"If I hadn't been growing up around that, I probably wouldn't be in rodeo at all. Really I can't thank him enough for it to be honest," Teigen said.

It's a special bond bulldogging between a father and a son, Reporting in Cheyenne, Megan Salle K2 Sports.