Two BMX Riders Lead the Way

At the Mike Sedar BMX Track, two teenagers found themselves at the top and out of the gates.

"Most people are pretty nervous and I'm definitely one of them...just trying to relax and think about it. I try not to over work myself," Sara Stowe said.


"I started when I was 8 years old," Shannon Bowles said. "I had two cousins that raced at the time and I was bored of sitting there and watching them."

Riding a bike wasn't natural to Shannon Bowles and Sara Stowe, but they aren't afraid to be honest about it.

"I was really awful. I would crash on like every single jump. I took like 15 minutes to do a lap, but I just stuck to it," Bowles said.

"I was not good at all," Stowe said. "I was behind the boys so much like two straights ahead of me and now I'm right up there with them, beating some of them."

Stowe's a beginner and with friendly fire, aiming for Bowles at an 11 time, 1st place District rider and international competitor.

"I know if Sara beat me one day, my Dad would be so mad. It's nice to have someone there who like you always got to keep going, keep making yourself better because if you don't someone is always going to catch you," Bowles said.
So I got on a bike, and it was obvious how much they enjoy teaching other riders.

"That's the best feeling ever. They watch you and are always coming up to you and asking 'how do you do this? Can you help me?' It makes you feel good."

"It makes you feel really good that there's kids that just think the world of you and you're awesome. Nobody else thinks that about me," Bowles smiles. "Except these little girls out here."

Bowles and Stowe envision different finish lines.

"I'm hoping to do that when I'm older, go pro. I'd be pretty cool to travel the world. That's my goal," Stowe said.

"I'm not really trying to be professional or anything, but I'd like to stay with it just being able to continue to make an impact in younger riders," Bowles said. "Make them feel the same love for the sport that I've always have."

Sharing the love for BMX biking one pedal at a time, Reporting in Casper, Megan Salle K2 Sports.