K2 Gridiron Report: Kelly Walsh Trojans

We are just days away from the High School Football season.

"To me football means coming out here and playing ball with my boys, having a lot of fun, talk a little trash. It's all in good sport though," Joel Strube said.

"It's a great time of year. It's exciting and we just want to get out here and get started, see where we are from our spring and summer and what not; and just keep working," Coach Jon Vance said.

The Trojans worked hard in off season.

"You can tell that with his speed, getting out and going. He's been consistently getting bigger as he's been here. He did all the right things, that's what you want as a coach," Vance said.

"I went to every weight training, I didn't miss one so far. I'm just coming out everyday and trying to show the young guys how to step up and be a leader," Lamont Frisby said.

Lamont not only has an arm, but has a running game. Is that going to help this offense open up a lot this season?

"I think so, we can try to get him in space so he can do something with his feet. We can get some pass, run option type stuff for him, so once we get out there if the pass is there he could take it, if not he can do something with his feet that way," Vance said.

"It can help because the defense doesn't know, if I can run, I can pass it's always a good thing," Frisby said.

The key word is confidence. With 15 seniors this year, Kelly Walsh is looking to make a move towards the front.

"We return our defensive line, some of them have been playing a couple seasons already. That's definitely a key component for us. We need out D line to play really well because they are the most experienced," Vance said.

"Several of us had a lot of experience last year that has prepared for us playing again this year. I think we are in a good position to make some noise," Strube said.

"We just have to mold everything together and see where we can go," Vance said. "As a goal we are trying to host a playoff game and get yourself into the semifinals and get ourselves into that next step."

The Trojans lost to the Mustangs in the semifinals last year, but it's all motivation for this time around.

"We just know we have to come out this year and work hard, work harder than every other team and beat them," Frisby said.

"It just means coming out to practice hard, working hard and coming out getting better everyday; So we can prepare for our first game."

Speaking of that first game, it's Friday in Gillette. Reporting in Casper, Megan Salle for K2 Sports