K2 Gridiron Report: Natrona County Mustangs

In three of the last six years, Natrona County High School has hoisted the state title. But this year, Natrona is not the odds-on favorite to win 4A. As a matter of fact, they are third in the preseason poll. But that's something that Steve Harshman doesn't really listen to.

"We're more focused on ourself, just trying to be as good as we can get. And those things will take care of itself as we get into the season but I think as much as anything, I think our guys gotta come along and develop and get better everyday and I think you gotta have some good fortune and stay healthy and that kind of thing."

Natrona lost in the state semifinals to Sheridan in 2015 and the big challenge this year is going to be filling the void in special teams left by kicker Cody Wilkinson.

"We've had a run of about 20 years of outstanding kickers, literally. And I was thinking about this earlier this summer. We've had kids that've gone to kick at Purdue and Montana State and all over the place and we've really had some great kickers. We probably don't have that where you think okay, it's this guy and so it's open competition."

But the Mustangs return some talent, led by Tom Robataille and highlighted by a strong class of juniors.

"It's something that I've been looking forward to and I know a lot of the other guys are looking forward to. Kind of being the leader, fulfilling that role. Having guys look up to you, that's nice. We've made a lot of improvement but we've still got a long way to go, as far as the team goes, I think we're coming together pretty well."

And even though players and coaches are taking it one game at a time. Well, at Natrona County, you always want to leave a legacy behind.

"It's a lot about legacy, obviously but the coaches, they're solid at what they do and they know how to replicate success. We use role models and leaders and we replicate greaatness, really." And that week 0 match against Cheyenne Central is where that journey to greatness begins, reporting for K2 Sports I'm Andrew Haubner.