Athlete of the Month: Garrett Schwindt

"One of the goals in the beginning was to run one back. That one is off the list for now."

He's the number two running back in the state of Wyoming. Garrett Schwindt is crushing his goals so far this season.

"Last year I had about a thousand yards too, so you know I kind of bumped my goal up to 2,000 now," Schwindt said.

If he can get just over 1,800 yards this year, he'll be the only player from Glenrock in the state's all time top ten.
How much hard work have you put into this sport?

I put in everything I guess you know, through summers and weight lifting, even after track practice you know, doing a little footwork," Schwindt said. "It's like preseason football."

Now on Friday nights, his eyes inside the helmet search for something.

"I look for green grass you know. Lineman, I'm not going to lie, they're it," Schwindt said. "Just try to get your three yards, that's one of our motto's. Three yards a play and it'll keep us going."

Schwindt always looks up the field because coming down the mountain one day changed his view.

"Me and my buddy were coming down from work and we went around a corner too fast and rolled out truck. He was ejected," Schwindt said "It just happened that fast you know. I could have been gone."

Schwindt's friend Tyson Buettgenback, was critical injured and bounced back as wrestler. Schwindt was a little banged up but returned his junior year becoming an all-state football player.

"Came back the next year my junior, his senior year...we I don't know, tried to not take anything for granted climb to be the best we could be," Schwindt said "I just want to leave everything on the field."

The Glenrock senior has left 8 touchdowns so far as we continue to count the yards, For our k2's athelte of the month, reporting in glenrock megan salle k2 sports.