Lia Kopp Made History: All-American Marching Band

The sweet sound of a flute began about 7 years for Lia Kopp.

"At fifth grade everyone has to learn an instrument at my school, so I picked flute because no one else was playing it," Kopp said.

"I figured we would give it a year and by the end of that that year she had done her first solo in front of a packed auditorium and it just went up from there," her mother Monica Kopp said.

In middle school, she joined the marching band. Once Brent Rose took over as director, as a junior she stole the show.

"An outstandingly talented student, exceptionally good at what she does playing flute and piccolo. Her aptitude for marching and playing at the same time is extremely high," Rose said.

Then Lia put forth the big audition for the U.S. Army All-American Marching Band. In the middle of the summer, Mr. Rose called her with the news.

"He's was like, 'what are you doing in January?' I was like I don't know. He's like, 'Well do you want to go to San Antonio?" Kopp said.

So Lia picked up the phone and texted her mom.

"She texted me and said it's an emergency you need to call me right away," She's like 'Mom I made it." I'm like, 'Why are you pulling me out of meeting to tell me this?' And she's like, "No Mom, I made it to the Army All American.' It was so exciting," Monica Kopp said.

Lia is a top 125 band member in the nation, the first All American from the Cowboy State.

"I'm really proud of her. She worked so hard, she really deserves this. It's really awesome to see her be the first person from Wyoming and represent or school like this," her twin sister Ali said.

"It's unbelievable that I'm head drum major now and all the stuff I've gotten to do for band, it's crazy," Lia said. "I never expected that when I started flute."

Lia Kopp's sound pure from the beginning now marching with the best in America.  Reporting in Casper, Megan Salle K2 Sports.