Midwest Season Away From Home

Midwest football is a team in exile. After a gas leak closed their high school, the Oilers made Westwood Park in Casper, their new practice field.

"Honestly it sucks. Home games are not at home so it really sucks there and not a lot of fans want to drive down from Midwest. It being my senior year, it does suck that I'm not at home playing football, I'm not at the Midwest and we gotta be traveling all the time like to NC's field."

With donated equipment and a goalpost on wheels, the Oilers are making due with what they have.

"Kids are doing great, they're handling it fine. But we've all adjusted to it and the fact that we're in here and we gotta make the best of it now so we're just helping each other at."

"Dealt with it as a team. We're not at home but we're still a team. Like the field it's more of a park than a field but it's at least something."

Now back in 1925, Midwest football played one of the very first football games under the lights in U.S. history. A local Oil & Gas company provided the then portable lights. Unfortunately 91 years later, it would be another oil & gas company that would force the Oilers to pack up and play their games down in Casper.

"It's a little ironic that we're at a school that is basically built on the oil & gas industry and it's the oil & gas that got us out of it. We have a tradition there of always playing under the lights. We still play under the lights and hopefully we'll be out there next year."

So 2016 is all about representing Midwest on the road.

 "I mean our pride isn't gone just cause we're not at home. It's still there and we still play as a team and as a family."

As the old saying goes, football is football no matter where you play.