The Bond Between a QB & WR: Allen & Gentry

"Just get the ball, don't let the DB get it. Every ball that's in the air I make sure I'm the one that comes down with it," Tanner Gentry said.

"It seems like anytime Josh breaks the pocket, he points his finger, number 4 is back there to catch the rock. It's special, Those two like I said are magical," Austin Conway said.

"There's not enough words to describe him, phenomenal. He's a play maker. He's always open. I can always you know look out there, whenever I roll out and point me finger, I guess everybody knows I'm throwing to number 4," Josh Allen said.

And he catches it, making up for last year's season ending injury.  Tanner Gentry is now ranked 6th in the Wyoming record books for single season receiving yards.

"I was just excited to get out on the field this year and get back to helping my team. Yeah, I just feel very confident on the field and know I can make a lot of plays out there," Gentry said.

Plays that helped his team beat two top 25 ranked opponents this year for the first time since 1999.

"It really is insane... Tanner, he's a great receiver, he has great hands and he can go up and get the ball on basically anybody," Logan Wilson said.

He's Josh Allen's go to wide out.

Gentry is the 20th best receiver in the nation, pulling in 11 touchdowns this season. One of the few players who have been a cowboy over the last 4 years.

"It's been a crazy ride for me. I've had four quarterbacks, four receiver coaches, two different head coaches, Tanner said. "It's been interesting, but it's been fun watching this program grow and rise to the top of the conference."

"I couldn't imagine it, but it's been a great year and a great way to end my career at the University, just with going to a title game and a bowl game. It's been a blast."

Gentry was named to the 2nd all conference team and will play his final home game for a Mountain West Championship.