K2 Athlete of The Month: Ty Larson

For Ty Larson, playing football started in kindergarten...well kind of.

"They would let us play but wouldn't let us use a ball, so we'd play football with an invisible football. So there was like six of us out there playing three on three football with no football," Larson said.

So how do you know the boys running down the field caught it or it's intercepted?

"It was just like throw it and they would say they caught it. Then they'd score and we'd have an argument saying they intercepted it and I'd say they caught it," Larson said. "Every since then and every year after that we finally got to play with a football and we all kind of fell in love with it."

As Larson got older, it was obviously what position he wanted on the field.

"Watching the Bearcats when I was younger, I was watching the quarterback. I always wanted to be the quarterback. I always looked up to him. I kind of just fell in love with the position too I think," Larson said. "I was a big fan of Shane Richendifer and Hayden Barker. Hayden Barker never lost a game here. I was big fans of both of those guys..."Back then, those guys we were on a 3-peat, state championship. They won like 30 games in a row."

He hoped to make history of his own, and Larson did. He's now fourth in the all-time Wyoming record books for single season passing yards.

"Basically in junior high it was playing 500 with Ty. He would just chuck it down the field and guys like Eric Jamemrman and Gage Pitt would go find a way to get it," Jay Rhoades said. "In the Cody game when Ty let one go and i was like, 'Where is that going,' and he hit the inside receiver for a touchdown."

Just like that...As he threw a total of 40 touchdown passes this season alone.

"You always want him to catch it and I throw it up and I just always hope they come down with it," Larson said.

Do you hope to play college football? Is that a dream of yours?

"Every since I was little I wanted to do it and I'm starting to talk to a lot of schools about it," Larson said. "Hope something works out, so I can keep playing."

Larson possible living out a childhood dream.