Athlete of the Month: Trevor Jeffries

Trevor Jeffries has started his comeback.

"When I step on the mat, it's go time, it's serious," Jeffries said. "I'm confident in myself that I'm going to win and that I'm going to do my best."

Even Tom Seamans, Gillette wrestling coach, sees something a different in Jeffries this year.

"He says he's never seen me like this, which is good to hear, but I want to keep getting better. So I'm not going to stop," Jeffries said.

Do you feel like you just may have that look in your eyes?

"Yeah, I guess, I don't know," Jeffries said.

"I think he's got a vision this year. A couple things fell short for him the last couple years," Kent Jeffries said.

As Trevor's father mentioned, he lost in the state finals the past two years.

"I had a torn labrum back in May. I wrestled in the state finals and tore it, so it's been a long road," Trevor said. "Physically I'm ready, but mentally it's still in my mind that I have a bum shoulder. So that's the only thing holding me back."

As for the journey back to the event center this winter, Jeffries finds motivation from his older brother Taylor, a former two time state champion.

"He comes back on breaks and pushes me, pushes me every day to get better, reminds me that he wants me to be the best I can," Trevor said.

As soft spoken as Jeffries is, his father shares just how kind he is to others.

"I believe the kid didn't even win a match that 8th grade year. Trevor won districts and took that medal over to him and Trevor won it and expected to win it and handed it him and said, 'hey you're a winner in my mind," Kent Jeffries said. "Giving something to a kid because maybe he was less fortunate," Kent Jeffries said. "Makes a parent proud he thinks of others in a different way."

"My motivation is to achieve my goals, which is for now to become a two time state champion and hopefully go on and wrestle in college," Trevor said.

The top wrestlers will meet in late February for states, Jeffries sure to one of them.