McSwiggan's Move From UTEP to Casper Paying Off

Josh McSwiggan had a dream of playing Division I basketball.

"UTEP was the only D1 school that offered me out of high school. To me...the dream was to go Division I so I just snatched up the opportunity."

But when he got his first chance...the dream was deferred by the NCAA.

"They said I only had one A level which is the high school diploma. In reality I had 3. I had a high SAT score that made me eligible...I had a good GPA to start the semester and it went to the head of the NCAA and they still deemed me ineligible."

While it wasn't a major cause for him to transfer to UTEP...McSwiggan went back to a school and coach that recruited him from the start: Casper College, and Dan Russell.

"I think it wasn't what he expected and what he wanted from what was gonna be his home for the next four or five years Once it came time to transfer...we already had that relationship built up from before."

But now that he's been on that level once already...all McSwiggan wants to get back.

"Being over here and having the opportunity to practice with the guys and they say 'you can't play' is a kick in the teeth."

"It's been in the back of his mind for sure....I think he brings a little bit of a chip on his shoulder with that mindset...he knows what he saw last year and what it takes to be one of those guys and get back to that level."

"This time around it's sort of like I'll take a step back. Forget what happens in the past but think of my future."

And Casper has given him a springboard to chase that dream again. Reporting in Casper...Andrew Haubner...K2 Sports