Riverton's 1st Ever Title for #PFK

"The whole season was for her. You know, no matter what I go through I just remember her fight and what she had to deal with day in and day out to stay with us. That just gave me a whole new perspective, so yeah when that final buzzer sounded I was thanking my Mom up above," Easton Paxton said.

The Paxton Family shared their emotions after the state basketball tournament.

"I can picture her looking down and saying those are my boys, so just amazing," Curt Paxton said.

"It was one heck of a battle," Treyton Paxton said.

"It was so special to go out with my best friends, with my brother and to get a win for her. You know, I know we had a guardian angel her us all year," Easton said.

Before Kara Paxton took her trip to heaven, she fought for her life against stage 4 brain cancer.

"It makes basketball seem like not as tough as a deal because people who are fighting for their lives everyday like she was," Treyton said

Kara handled life's punches and hit right back.

"She was basically given 6 weeks to live after she was diagnosed and she made it three years," Easton said.

"She said I don't want to talk about statistics or things like that," Kurt said. "She said I want everybody to know that it's going to be okay."

Kara Paxton passed away July 7th 2013 at the age of 38 after a near 4 year battle with cancer.

"When she was diagnosed, we made this thing called PFK, play for Kara," Easton said.

"On their shoes, on their jerseys, on things like that," Curt said.

"That's what this state tournament was about for us especially, but our whole team as well," Easton continued.

"I think it was just the finality on tremendous journey," Riverton Coach Stuart Mullins said.

"Some people in that situation would say why me? But she said why not me? And I think that we can learn a whole lot from her fight," Easton said.

What a way to end this ride, with history...The Riverton boys became State Champs for the 1st time ever, with Kara Paxton in their hearts. I'm Megan Salle reporting in Casper for K2 Sports