Mother and Son's Basketball Bond

Submitted: March 28, 2017

By, Aaron Groff

Every day, Kelly Walsh Senior Manny N'Tula, and his mother Sarah, do what they have done for the last six years. They are at the East-side WAC. Sarah passes, and Manny shoots, and then they do it all over again. 

(Manny N'Tula):"My 6th, 7th grade, we just stared going to the gym. I started to fall in love with basketball. My mom want to help me become the best player I'd be."
(Sarah N'Tula): " Manny is my only child. Time is important. That's what he thrives on is just time with me"

The mother and son are in the gym together, as one team.

(Sarah): "A couple years ago at K-Dub, a man came up one time and joked, "oh Manny you're mom has put in a lot of hours. You're going to have to buy her house one day."

Manny, also known for his dunks. But he's humble about his athleticism. 

(Manny): "To be honest, i don't know. i think it was just God-given."

Sarah is the proud mother. 

(Sarah): "He had his first dunk at 14 as a freshman. And I missed it. I felt so awful."

That's about all she's missed. Playing basketball can be exhausting. For every Manny shot, Sarah is there to chase it down.

(Sarah) "There was time we would go 2 or 3 times a day."

The rule goes, it takes ten-thousand hours to master something. If that goes for shots, Manny and Sarah are on their way. 

(Aaron):"How many do you think you've put up, lifetime, you and your mother." 
(Manny): "I'd say five-thousand plus. Probably ten-thousand."

All ten-thousand paying off. Manny, a Senior leader on the Trojans championship team. 

(Manny): "Just like the hard work paying off. For the clock to wind down and know we won a state championship... is just unreal"

Manny and Sarah are forever grateful. 

(Manny): "It means everything. She's done everything she can for me to help me be the best person and best basketball player I can be."
SOT (Sarah): "Its been a blast. Makes we want to cry thinking about it ending."

Manny is staying close to home for college. He signed on to play basketball at Casper College next year.