K2 Athlete of the Month: Trevor Hautala

"There was definitely things that motivated me. I had a lot of doubters and wanted to prove everybody wrong," Trevor Hautala said. "People were saying I'm too small to play at the next level with any sport. It really drove me to be better and work my hardest to be the best I could be and be the player I am now."

Trevor Hautala became the 2nd best shooter in 4A this year...Let's just say he had the range too.

"He doesn't really have one, about half court is where it's at. He's in the gym, he's in his range I think," Coach Coach Jason Buell said. "I tell my boys an open shot in your range is a good shot, so if that's your range you might as well shoot it."

Hautala gives his coach Jason Buell the credit for the sweet shot.

"Coach Buell turned me into a shooter this year and I couldn't thank him enough and he gave me the utmost confidence," Hautala said.

"He deserves all the credit that he gets. he puts the time in and works his butt off. He's a very coachable kid," Buell said.

Hautala and Coach even had their own shootout this year... The true results are unknown..

"Yeah, we did one time and I ended up getting him. I beat him," Hautala said.

"We kind of go out and shoot around. We always want to compete, so it's fun," Buell said. "Of course the coach always wins right? Their my rules, right?"

Although Rock Springs lost in the championship game, Hautala was proud of their success.

"It was a great journey. I couldn't of never pictured my senior year better with Coach Buell coming in," Hautala said. "He did a great job. I love him to death. I love my team to death. I couldn't ask for a better group of guys to end it with."

He racked up 488 points including over 50 shots from long range... Hautala cold blooded...I'm Megan Salle reporting in Casper for k2 sports.