Between Two Quarterbacks: Part 1

K2's Megan Salle introduces Between Two Quarterbacks, a multi-part feature that sits Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen across from Cowboy alum and former signal caller Casey Bramlet. Parts Two and Three of this story will air on K2 Sports Corner, Sunday nights at 10:30 only on KTWO, and re-aired the following Monday at 5:00 pm. 

Below is the interview transcript from the first part of Allen and Bramlet's discussion. 

"I've heard a lot about you," Josh Allen said, introducing himself to Wyoming legend Casey Bramlet. 
"Well I've seen a lot of you last year. It's fun to watch you play," Bramlet responded in kind. 

And so two quarterbacks, straddling two different eras of Wyoming football, sat down for the first time ever. 

Allen: "So when did you play here?"

Bramlet: "So I'm old now. I was here and started in 2001, 2002, and 2003,"

Allen: "Were you an out of high school kid?"

Bramlet: "Yeah, I grew up in a little town, Wheatland. It's an hour and a half from here, kind of over by Laramie. So I grew up there, so for me as a kid to go and then get an opportunity to play there was a great experience for me," 

Allen: "I kind of feel where you're coming from small town and playing for your hometown team."
"I always had that feeling towards Fresno State because that's kind of where I'm from. I kind of know the position of walking into warm memorial stadium and knowing that these kids look up to us and are wanting to be in our shoes like we did for whoever you were watching when you were younger. You got the opportunity to do that,"

Allen: "I know you're pretty sure about playing in the snow or cold here in Laramie. It's not the funnest thing to do, but that's football,"

Bramlet: "When I first started there, I think my second year, it was when they first put the lights in. So it was freezing cold all of our night games,"

Allen: "So we made it to the Mountain West Conference Championship game and it was 8 degrees at kick off and you look up in the stands though and it was jam packed,"

Bramlet: "I was up there at that game and it was fun. It was freezing cold, but fun to watch you guys play in that game. It was great to see you guys get there."