Between 2 Quarterbacks: Part 2

K2TV Sports continues with their multi-part series, Between 2 Quarterbacks, as Josh Allen and Casey Bramlet sit down for the first time ever and talk all things football. In this part, they talk about the records that have been set at UW and the records Allen hopes to break, some of which belong to Bramlet. Additionally, Bramlet lays out some advice for the redshirt junior quarterback, who has some lofty goals for the 2017-2018 season.

Bramlet: "Coming out on that field, like you probably got to see coming out in there the hands are there and the crowd. It's a great feeling, a great atmosphere."

Allen: "For you like you said coming from a small town, Wyoming is a big state, but not a lot of people. I just want you to know that you have the whole state behind you. Being a quarterback at the University of Wyoming, you are in a unique situation where you're the only guy," Bramlet said.

Allen: "A lot of other states obviously have multiple schools that are big schools and everybody follows whoever they please, but when you're from Wyoming you have one choice."

Bramlet: I was always every year looking at the little books that they give you on who is in the record books and where I was at. Each year getting closer and closer. That was one of the records I wanted. I wanted to have all of them when I left, whether that was in the weight room, on the field."

Allen: "Knowing you did things from a small town and me as well being from a small town, just kind of being able to follow in your footsteps. That's big on my part."

Bramlet: "Some of the them are gone now, but the ones that are still there. Man, I'd love to see you go for them and try to get them. I know you're a competitor and that's what they are there for to break them, so go get them."

Allen: "Will do and obviously there's a lot of work to be put in meet those goals. I'd like to be the quarterback that leads his team to victory there."

"A lot of work to be put in there as well, I definitely think we have the team to do it this year. At the same time the legacy I want to leave is winning a Mountain West Conference Championship and ultimately being Fiesta Bowl Champion."

Bramlet: "Everyone is looking at you and everyone is wanted to watch what you do but at the same they are supporting you. It was fun to have that and embrace it and just take it because you do have the whole state behind you," Bramlet said.