S. Korean Paralympians Find Ample Training in WY

Euihyin Shin pulls the trigger.

Breaking an otherwise silent morning high up on Casper Mountain. It's here, at the Casper Mountain Biathlon Club, that the members of the South Korean Paralympic Biathlon team made their home this April.

"As far as I knew," explains head coach Kaspar Wirz, "the Korean team was never in high altitude and [CMBC Coach] Rob [Rosser] and I knew each other for a long time. My only question was 'do we have snow?' He said 'of course we do' and so I decided to come with the team here."

Most foreign winter sport athletes know Colorado, Utah, maybe even Oregon. But Casper was something new.

"I was asking, 'is there any places that we can ski?'", South Korean biathlete Jeong Min Lee muses. "But finally we got here and I was so amazed at the environments and people and still we can ski for hours in May. The people I met here are so nice and so I am very happy to be here."

And like the biathletes here in Casper, Mr. Lee and Mr. Shin hope to grow the sport in their own country, the host of the 2018 paralympics.

"This is a very good environment, with very good resources around it," Mr. Shin says through a translator. "I hope if it works properly, someone can one day be a world champion from Casper, Wyoming."

Wirz praised the environment as well.

"People are very friendly, like Rob and Cathy [Rosser], they're here whenever we need something. Like, 'just call, we'll give it to you'. So it's just really unbelievable," says the Paralympic medal winning coach.

Hopefully, they tell K2, some local Casperites will want to watch them compete in 2018 as well.