Mother Beats Cancer to Watch Son at CNFR

"Of course I was sick, I had those moments where I didn't feel good. But that never really made me think I can't do this."

"Well it quit made me feeling sorry for myself for having a broken jaw. She's pretty strong. I don't think she every cried, maybe once."

Missouri Valley Cowboy, Cody Crim and his mother, Pam, were fighting through some health issues about a year ago. 

"God had a reason for him to be home for that summer. You know, whether it was because of the broken jaw or what, he was where he was suppose to be at that time."

"Anyways, I took her to the doctor and I couldn't really say no. There I was, we went for a gall blander and then she had a mammogram that afternoon I think."

After her gallbladder came out, about a week and a half later the mammogram test came back.

"I was really just a blur because once they confirmed that it was cancer. I remember going out and saying 'Are you ok staying here awhile because I have to be back at 1:30 and have another procedure.' He's like, 'mhmm.' At that time his jaw was wired shut, so there wasn't much of a conversation," Pam said.

"I broke this side last summer, that's what she is talking about. I broke this side on St. Patrick's Day," Cody said.

Cody's Jaw was in the middle of healing, but Pam's journey just started.

Over the 16 weeks, she had eight treatments of chemotherapy and surgery in November. 

They declared me surgically cancer free, which was a great day," Pam said.

She said me a video of her ringing the bell. I think that's how it went and I texted her back and said 'good job, love you," he said.

"It was just crying and happy and you know, cheers and claps," Pam added. 

You know it's still going to happen. You got to know you're body and you've got to be vigilant about being proactive."

As for Cody's jaw...

"He's doing pretty good now that he's broken it twice and healed twice, so I think we are doing pretty good," Pam said. 

Pam is now three months cancer free and here to watch her son.