Myers Twins Go Stride for Stride

"Everyone was pretty close together, so Coach just told me get to that crib first and then just kind of accelerate and see how far you can separate yourself. I felt my twin brother coming behind me, like I could kind of hear him breathing. I just told myself, 'you got to go faster'," Logan Myers said.

Corey and Logan Myers are twin brothers from Gillette. Their birthdays are separated by 4 minutes, but their finishing times are within just seconds.

"It's a great feeling. I mean, I'd rather have first, but if I'm going to lose to someone I'd much rather it be my twin brother," Cory Myers said.

As they two boys grew up, it was always a head to head battle in anything.

"We'd play games on our trampoline and if one of us lost we wouldn't be too happy about it. Sometimes our parents would make it so we both lost, there was not a winner," Cory said.

"It's almost that extra motivation, like it's always a competition. You don't want to be the one who loses," Logan adds.

"We did an assortment of sports when we were little. It's always a competition. Someone always had to lose," Cory joked.

And when their parents intervened...

"Well when we were little they would tell us to grow up.  You know what, they still tell us to grow up when we argue. So not much as changed from that I guess," Cory said.

Besides the trampoline and other sports, the running started when their father coached track.

"We lived a block away from the track and just kind of riding my bike up there and racing against the kids to see if I could beat them. Then around 4th grade I just started sprinting and stuck with it every since," Logan said. "Just the work ethic me, Cory, and Matt and the other kid who placed, put in together is just something that not many kids do. But to get to there, it makes it all worth it."

"I'm very proud. I feel very good about my run, but I got first place yesterday in the 800M. It's cool that we both got to go home with a first place win," Cory said.

All the competitions at home paid off...The Myer Twins finish their final year at Gillette as State Champions...I'm Megan Salle reporting in Casper for k2 sports.