K2 Gridiron Report: Glenrock

"It's my 37th year and 22nd year as a head coach, so there isn't a whole lot of things I haven't seen. Each season is a little new and each season is a little different," Ray Kumpula said.

The Herders will take on a new season without one of the top ten rushers in high school football history.. Garrett Schwindt.

"We lost 12 good seniors and they brought us to an undefeated season and to the state semi final game. We came up one dollar short and we are trying to rectify that but we got a lot of holes to fill."

"We got a lot of little guys coming up that I think actually show a lot of potential. We put in a lot of work this past summer and we will be alright."

"It's going to be running back by committee, we have four guys that are built like Garrett. They are small, quick and fast and we are probably going to use all four of them. Try to fill those big shoes. A kid like Garrett doesn't come around very often. I've been in this job for 30 something years and I've only had a couple of them."

The next order of business to move the offense is the 0-line.

"Our offensive line is going to average right around 200 pounds, so we are good there. We just got to get them to move."

We definitely bring back a lot of size. We have a pretty saucy line coming up. It's kind of a good and bad thing, we got some speed to work on but it's good to have a big line."

The Herders will almost pick up right where they left off last season. First, they will go to Pine Bluffs on the road. Then they will go to Greybull for week one, a team that ended their season last year.

"They remember and they want a chance."

Do you have to come into this game with a chip on your shoulder?

"We want to get our chance. We know we didn't play well that night. We know we have some things we could have done better. We are going to see when we play them if we are better."

We have a lot of potential, we put in a lot of work over the summer with everyone showing up. I think we have the talent to make a run for it, it'll just be how hard we are willing to work."

The Herders will try to match last year's regular undefeated season...I'm Megan Salle reporting in Casper for K2 sports.