K2 Gridiron Report: Big Horn Rams

One offseason can change the complexion of a football team quite often. They can lose a coach, or their best player. But Big Horn is different. They're not just losing their best player. They're moving classes from 2A down to 1A.

"It changed nothing we still take it as the best players. We take every game one-by-one we don't think 'hey this one is gonna be an easy one'.
"We really believe that we do a good job of preparing our guys and we've had good results for it. So we're gonna kinda stick to what we do and we have a lot of confidence in what we do."

But one could argue that the move to 1A pales in comparison to the graduation of running back Colton Williams, who leaves having had 1900 yards and 27 touchdowns last season.

"We've got a lot of guys that are very good, especially with the ball in their hand. Kade Eisley who was Colton's backup last year is a very good football player so we're expecting a big year out of him and we're expecting some other younger guys who've kinda sat and waited their turn now and now's their opportunity to get out to try and make those big plays."
"I don't think we should really worry not that we're without Colton. I know Colton was good but we have some really great running backs in the backfield. We're really young, but that doesn't mean anything it just means we have room to improve."

But the Rams are confident in their abilities this season. They're even excited about a couple of big matchups that they're going to see this year.

"I think this area is excited about seeing the Thunder Bowl again. Big Horn and Tongue River being able to play. That's the last game of the regular season and way down the road so we haven't really talked about that a whole lot yet. But as a community I think that's something a lot of people are looking forward to."

While Big Horn can't go for a repeat in 2A, they can stake their claim as a state champion in 1A.
Reporting in Casper, I'm Andrew Haubner. K2 Sports.