K2 Gridiron Report: Buffalo Bison

Buffalo football was the young kid at the 3A party last year, going 3-5 in a league absolutely stacked with seniors.

"We were absolutely decimated by injuries and had to move a bunch of key people around so this year's plan is just to develop more depth. And like you said is just getting more guys in the weight room, more guys at camp so that way when somebody does go down as they always do in football, we're gonna be able to deal with injuries differently and so we can have more guys play at the varsity level."

Those seniors across 3A have since graduated, opening the door for a Bison team now coming into it's own.

"All summer we've had more guys coming into the weight room than we've ever had in the last 10 years here in Buffalo. So to see that and see these young kids coming is pretty cool to see and I think those teams we played that were pretty tough for us: I think it's gonna be pretty fun to bang with those guys this year."
"A lot of that is guys are a year older, we played 11 sophomores last year so they'll be a bit more ready this year. They're a bit more seasoned."

The Bison return the majority of their rushing attack, including Ray Rabou, who's back after injuries cut his season short.

"Last year Ray Rabou, he was our leading rusher, leading tackler, and he only played four games for us so we're hoping to have him for a full season."
"I'm excited. It's my senior year and I'm ready to be healthy and back so, ready to go and play a more defensive role this year."

And as those 3A teams look to replace key starters from last year, the Bison are reloading.

"That's the goal, I think our conference schedule, we're gonna have a lot of tight games. Guys have been in the mix and when you get in a pressure situation, when you don't have any experience to draw on it's tough and most of our guys have been in the mix before."

And with so much talent back, Buffalo could be stampeding to the state playoffs in 2017.
Reporting in Casper, I'm Andrew Haubner. K2 Sports.