K2 Gridiron Report: Natrona County

Time is money... and being on the football field is...

"It's like putting money in a bank. You invest in yourself and your teammates and it doesn't happen right away," Steve Harshman said.

The piggy bank is full of experienced players this year for Natrona. The Mustangs return quarterback Jesse Harshman and running back Brett Brenton. These two seniors are a lot more comfortable this year.

"I think footwork in the pocket is really huge, just getting comfortable and getting the ball into the receivers hands. Riley, Mason and Ben and let them do their thing," Jesse Harshman said.

"I feel pretty good with our whole team. There's a lot of guys with experience and we have a lot of starters coming back. I feel really good and so does everyone else," Brenton said.

Experience is the foundation to the Natrona team

"Our three returning wide receivers and Maeson Gallegos, who has played varsity football since his sophomore year," Steve Harshman said.

As for the boys standing on line blocking for their QB and tailback...

"It's pretty much the same team. It's just this year we are all bigger and stronger. The lineman got bigger and they're not fat, they're big and strong," Brenton said.

"They are the hardest workers in weight. When they go up to squat, everyone watches them. Shrable did like 500 pounds or something like that," Jesse Harshman said.

The Mustangs will run out on their home field and see Cheyenne South.

"We're going to be a pretty big threat. I think everyone here knows that. We have to try our best, it's not going to be easy by any means but if we try our hardest we will be up there," Brenton said.

"We are getting ourselves ready and making sure we are on high alert and ready to go because to us it's going to be one of toughest games right out of the shoot against an offense that will execute well," Steve Harshman said.

And as Coach Harshman would say, They have a long ways to go to put it all together and are focused on the process...Natrona is expected to be top 4a contender this year... I'm Megan Salle Reporting in Casper for K2 Sports.