Father and Son Tour Wyoming HS Stadiums

"Me and my Dad are huge Wyoming high school football enthusiasts and we just love it so much we decided to do something no one else has really done before. Really just one weekend we decided we are going to go to every single high school football stadium in Wyoming," Joe Thornock said.

Joe Thornock and his father, Don, buckled up and started this journey July 2nd. Their first stop was Rawlins High School, after Joe posted a picture to his twitter.

"I was actually just posting to twitter to keep track of where I was going and then a few people friended me and starting sharing my stuff. Now it's not just me and my Dad going on this trip, it's actually hundreds of other people," Thornock said. "So we drove through Medicine Bow and he said, 'Look through the window,' so I did. Everything inside of the high school was brand new. So he said, 'They built this new high school and then they don't even use it anymore. All the kids have to go somewhere else. That's what really also drove us to do this because we want to see some of these places because in 5 years these school may not exist."

The father and son bond over each high school football teams history.

"He told me all about the Oil Bowl on the way here. He told me about the trophies these guys get. That's what made me really excited. I got to go see Kelly Walsh and now we are here at Natrona, just thinking about all the history that happened here with that," Thornock said.

You've seen 6-man football all the way up to 4A, what is the difference between the stadiums?

"The stadiums are a lot different because 4A stadiums are the larger schools and their stadiums aren't as unique," Thornock said. "Our goal is also to start going to all the games, so every high school we want to go to a game there; which is going take years and years because that is almost impossible. So after just seeing the stadiums we have to come all the way back and start seeing games. I'm excited for that because we start to bond with the people in the town who might have heard about us."

So Wyoming, the Thornocks may be sitting at you're hometown football stadium this fall...I'm Megan Salle reporting in Casper for k2 sports.