Athlete of the Month: Sydney Thorvaldson

Last year, Jackson Runner Anna Gibson dominated cross country and outdoor track ...This year some athletes may want to be the next super star in Rawlins Cross country runner is starting to put her name out there..K2's Megan Salle has our athlete of the month.

"I'm always super nervous at the starting line. Once I get going and I see I have a big lead or just a small one, my confidence goes up." Sydney Thorvaldson said.

It's a chant you may hear from a crowd of students...She's a freshman. Rawlins cross country runner, Sydney Thorvaldson ran her first varsity race at the Kelly Walsh Bear Trap Invite.

"I was really nervous because I thought I would go into JV races first, but I went straight to Varsity. Yes, I'm really happy. I felt really good and I think I can improve during the season especially on course that aren't as hilly," she said.

This past summer Thorvaldson broke the Casper Half Marathon record finishing first, while her mother was just a little ways behind her.

"When I was little my Mom use to take me on runs and I've just been running from a very young age. I've been competing all through middle school and this year at high school," Sydney said.

"We run together on our long days, so once a week we run together and have good mommy-daughter conversations," Wendy Thorvaldson said. "She was a nature. She started beating me in races four or five years ago."

"There are some runners here that are really fast and I wanted to race against them," Sydney said.

As for how she compared, Sydney finished the Bear Trap invite at 18 minutes and 18 seconds. If she raced that time at last year's 3A state meet, she would have a first place medal.

"I really want to improve my time and go to nationals and how see how I compete there," Sydney said.

Let me say it again, she's a freshman and she's on the rise. I'm Megan Salle reporting in Casper for K2 Sports.