K2's Athlete of the Month: Madison Vinich

"I feel like an old man. I know what is going to go on and everything that is going to happen. I can read the game a lot better than I use to be able to," Madison Vinich said.

Old man...well not really. Madison Vinich is a Kelly Walsh senior volleyball player leading Lady Trojans as the undefeated in the 4A west.

"I think it's just the inner me. I'm really competitive. I just want to win, so just jumping up and hitting the ball as high as you can and killing a ball is the best thing in volleyball," she said.

She leads this side of the conference in attacking, Vinich gives credit to her teammates freshman year.

"We will were in the state championship as freshman and lost to East. Those girls, like all of them, were such good leaders and really built me into the player I am. They really showed me how a good team leader is and how to step into that role," she said.

Vinich is the leader of this Lady Trojans team, but to her the company is just as important.

"Its difinteiyl the girls and being around them every single day. That's what makes the sport so fun are the people you're surrounded with and if they make it fun for you. Being able to come to the gym everyday and compete with all of them is a pleasure to have," she said.

With State Volleyball being about a month away, Vinich and the Lady Trojans are the number one scoring team in 4A.

"I really just hope we end on a strong note and not look at back at it and say, 'Wow we could of done that better. We could of tried a little bit harder. I could of went for that ball.'I just hope we go out with no regrets," she said.

Vinich has decided to pick volleyball over basketball in college, Where is still up in the air, but she knows one thing about moving on to the next level...

Maybe her mother will have to write down some recipes...I'm Megan Salle reporting in Casper for K2 Sports