Kelly Walsh Chasing History: Part 1

"I got my last rebound and there's maybe three seconds left," Jaxon Hiatt said.

Sounds of the arena after Kelly Walsh wins.

"I just have never felt a greater feeling than that moment," Hiatt said.

"I'm going to tell my kids about, my grandkids about it because it is a piece of history," Sam Marsh said.

"We were the first team in 36 years," Cameron Carter said.

"I've had three previous uncles who has gone here and they have all gotten close to winning and never quite got there. It's kind of cool being the first one to do it," Timmy Nolan said.

"To finally win a state championship together was just kind of a surreal feeling," Manny N'Tula said.

"It hasn't be done in 36 years, so you know how difficult it is," Joel Strube said.

First off, why did you want to share this story?

"Behind the scenes there was a lot more going on, but from the outside it just seemed like everything was smooth sailing. I thought there would be something pretty cool to share," Carter said.

Just weeks before the season started, two seniors were charged with minor in possession while attending the homecoming football game. Trouble with the law quickly became a change to the line up.

"When football season came, we thought it would be a good idea to drink before the games and go to the games tipsy," Holden Eckhardt said.

"We were doing what we were doing and maybe at the football game we would be the loudest ones there and cheer on the team the best," Hiatt said.

And how did it end up for you?

"Not so hot. It ended up costing my team in the beginning of the season," Hiatt said.

"We had such a big goal and this was not the best thing to start off with," Carter said.

"I don't know. I wasn't yelling at them angry, just come on guys. You don't go to a football game drunk," Marsh said.

Jaxon, when did coach find out?

"I went into my room for the rest of the night and the first thing I did was I picked up the phone and called coach," Hiatt said.

"When Jaxon admitted what happened, it was disappointment, but he was very remorseful," Coach Randy Rhoden said.

"I think I was a little teary because I kind of knew it was going to be cutting into my senior season," Hiatt said.

"Then I called him and he asked if I got one to. I said, 'Yep." Eckhardt said.

"You go through a gamut of emotions with the kids and the parents. You're trying to support the kids and they know you're disappointed in them," Rhoden said.

Hiatt and Eckhardt were punished two games by the Natrona County School District and 1 game by their Head Coach Randy Rhoden.

"I want to be remembered by how I played in state or how the season went. We went 21-3, but I don't want people going they were great at basketball, but Eckhardt and Hiatt couldn't stay away from the drinking," Hiatt said. "I just wish they couldn't put that in their minds and have that image of us."

"If there's any chance of getting in trouble at all with the law or with the school, just don't do it," Eckhardt said. "If you ever want to take sports serious, just don't do it."