UW S&C Coach Eric Donoval Interview Transcript

K2TV Sports Director Andrew Haubner sat with 
University of Wyoming Sports & Performance Associate Director
Eric Donoval for the first time since the Coach arrived in Laramie.
Here is the full interview transcript. 
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K2TV Sports Anchor Andrew Haubner:
How's life in Laramie treating you?
Wyoming Associate Sports Performance Director Eric Donoval:
It's great. I'm pumped. We're busy and loving every minute of it.

AH: So what's been busy? You guys just kind of jumped in here. What's the process like from taking this job right at the end of the season to having to jump into offseason workouts with the team?
ED: Right so Coach Ben and I actually got here about three weeks ago and it's been a lot of planning. This is a unique situation where we're jumping into a new program and we're also jumping into a new weightroom. So there's a lot of planning that goes on. Meeting with the current staff that's here; Coach Jordan, Coach Keefer, Coach Chase...kind of getting an initial feel for the guys and the positions. Just gotta get ourselves laid out and planned so when those guys meet once a week it'll be really organized ready to roll when they come back.

AH: So when you're doing these offseason workouts, what is the split...I mean...without giving away the farm here...what's kind of the split between strength workouts...agility workouts...endurance workouts...I mean how do you- what kind of program do you get them on? What's the right ingredients to use this offseason?
ED: Right so you know when you look at the game of football there's a lot of physical traits that are involved in being successful on the field...you have to be powerful...you have to be very fast...you have to be strong...you have to be very mobile. And it's also a certain emotional part to it as well. Right now really what we focus on is we're focusing on getting these guys strong and so kinda how we plan out our program: we do a lot of explosive speed work..change of direction work...very basic foundational movements right now. We do that prior to lifting...and then we bring the guys into the weight room. We do our strength work *inaudible*. So we touch on all those traits. Not much of those traits kind of differ as we kind of go through the training year. So it's very little bit of speed work, a very little bit of change of direction work and a whole lot of strength work and a whole lot of *inaudible* and as we go through the calendar training year and we get a little closer to competition we'll do a little bit more speed work and a little bit more conditioning work and a little bit less of the strength that we've already built.

AH: So we'll go back to the LSU days as well, you're also a Tommy Moffitt disciple. Coach Ben touched on his effect on the kid...his personality in the gym in the weight room. From a personality perspective and from a strategic work perspective. What's the biggest thing Coach Moffitt taught you in both those fields?
ED: I think the biggest thing to see about Coach Moffitt is to see how much he cares...about the players and his staff. And caring can mean a lot of things. Holding guys accountable...holding guys to certain disciplines and holding guys accountable to make the right choices and do the right thing. That's caring. And that's what I found the most out of Coach Moffitt was he held guys to a certain standard. It didn't matter if you were walk-on, scholarship, receiver, DB, O-Line, D-Line. Didn't matter. There was a certain standard that was expected to be met and he held you accountable. And the reason he held you accountable was because he cared about you as a young man...as a human being. As a brother...as a human being...as a son...as a father some of these guys. He's held his staff to that same standard. And that's something I've really held on to and I've really come to appreciate Coach Moffitt doing for me. Coach Ben and all the athletes. I think that's what makes him so special is that he candor, there's a level of expectation, and his care for the athletes and staff.

AH: And Coach so when you look at creating these workouts for athletes you mentioned Coach Moffitt had...that Coach Ben said you sort of need to have as a Strength & Conditioning coach. But how much of an organizational mind, a structural thinking mind do you need for a job in which you're creating incredibly detailed programs to get these guys to a certain fitness level?
ED: Right. And that's why they call coaching an art. It's a very fluid profession, very fluid situation. We have a structural *inaudible* that we do and it's a skeleton but each individual is different. So we kind of set up our workouts as each coach on the staff is responsible for a certain position group...So we will be doing the sack program, the weights that we do that might be a little different per individual. And there may be certain deficiencies that happens that you can spot because we spent so much time in the weightroom. So we'll individualize some stuff for certain individuals so that they can perform better.

AH: What are some of the too-early expectations that you have for this group of kids in Laramie, that you have for your job in Wyoming? What are some of the things you want to accomplish here in Laramie?
ED: Well first and foremost Coach Ben and I both have the same core values and that's a big reason why I came up here to work for him. I think fit is a really big thing and I'm a big believer in the vision Coach Ben has and the vision Coach Bohl has. So I expected this staff to kind of take on and move towards what I was used to doing in developing young men. And in terms of the team and the expectations I had was for them to come in and work hard and do everything that was asked of them because I've heard so much about the culture and the type of athlete and the type of character Coach Bohl has recruited here. And the type of program that Wyoming football is...and everything has exceeded my expectations so far. The kids have been incredible and really been very receptive to new things. To learning new things. They are eager to learn. They want to get better and so the expectations of the kids and the type of guy that we're gonna have has exceeded already in this first week. I'm really impressed with the type of athlete we have from a physical and emotional standpoint.