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K2 Athlete of the Month: Logan Harris

Logan Harris first played football back in 3rd grade...He said he never thought he'd be physically as big as he is now. But It seems that it will all work out in his favor...The Torrington athlete has committed to play at the University of Wyoming. For our July Athlete of the Month, Megan Salle tells us more of his backstory.

"Like that first crack that you get on someone and break in the pads again. There's nothing better," Logan Harris said. "I just felt like I was home, back on the field...and just doing what I like to do."

Former Torrington football player, Logan Harris took his talents from the gridiron to the shot put pit this past spring.

After a 63-08.50 throw...Harris now holds the overall state record.

"It was emotional afterwards because I knew it could do it, but once I finally did do it it was all real. I guess that's what I came there for, to beat that record. It was exciting," Harris said.

Although it was said Harris could be the next Olympian from Wyoming, the decision was very clear for him..

"I want to do football. At the college level it's year round and stuff like that. I would want to focus on that and school more than anything. I think doing that would be a little too much," Harris said. "I've been looking forward to it for awhile. Ever since track got over, I've just been I've been itching to get back on the football field."

Harris realized football was the right choice since back in 3rd grade.

"Once I got to middle school, I got a feel for it and was like, 'I'm going to try it. I'm going to try and reach for it'," Harris said. "Once I started in high school and started to get the letter and going on trips to different schools, it came really to me that I could do it. That definitely drove me more to be able to play, stuff like that, and work harder to get where I am now."

His motivation brought him scholarship to the Division one level and to his home state university.

"I knew when we lost our last game at the end of the season, I guess I wasn't that heart broken you know because I knew I was going to keep doing it. I look forward to it when I was signing papers that I was going to carry on another four or five years of what I love doing most."

"In the last couple months it's becoming real now. It's actually coming down to earth that I'm actually going to be playing for the University of Wyoming."

Harris will represent Torrington High School on the offensive line at War Memorial Stadium... I'm Megan Salle, reporting in Casper for K2 Sports

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