Jordana Marie

Cheyenne / Laramie Reporter

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Jordana Marie joined the K2 News Team in March 2014 as a Cheyenne/Laramie bureau reporter.

Jordana graduated from Florida State University (Go Noles!) in Spring 2012. After graduation, she interned in Miami for the local CBS's Sports Department. While there she covered Miami Dolphins, Heat, and Marlins games. In March 2013, Jordana started working for the Miami Fox affiliate as a writer. Jordana was on the job during breaking news such as the Boston Marathon Bombing, the Death of Nelson Mandela, and the George Zimmerman verdict.

While she loves news for the different stories every day, sports will always be her real passion. Her favorite teams are the Chicago Bears, Bulls, and Blackhawks. She loves College Football and the MLB.

Having one older brother, Jordana is not afraid to hang with the boys. She grew up playing everything from tee-ball to soccer to cheerleading. Her free time now is spent working out, reading, or exploring Cheyenne. She may be from Florida, but Jordana is excited to experience all the west has to offer.

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