WED Jan 28th

An overall cooler and cloudier day today than we saw yesterday with highs falling to the 40's and 50's for areas East of the Divide.  As we roll into the afternoon areas of rain and rain/snow mix are to be seen under primarily overcast skies.  A Winter Weather Advisory will be in effect as we move into the afternoon for the Teton and Gros Ventre Ranges of Northwest Wyoming as accumulating snowfall can be expected in upper elevations West of the Divide.

Tonight:  Cool evening lows dropping into the teens and twenties amid continued rain/snow mix East of the Divide early in the evening.  Skies will clear in the late afternoon/early evening for our Western neighbors while Central and Eastern regions begin to clear and dry into the early morning of tomorrow.

Thursday:  Temperatures will widespread peak just a touch above average in the 30's and 40's but cooler than they were to begin the week.  Skies will be seen as dry and sunny making for a nice day to step back outside.

Looking Ahead:  To start the weekend Friday highs will again peak in a close to normal range of 30's and 40's under sunny skies before clouding up Saturday.  Rain/snow mix can also be expected on Saturday potentially resulting in slick roadways as you head out there for the middle of the weekend.  Skies will again clear out Sunday and into the start of next week.

John Shrable
Updated: 8:00 am